If you live in Ajax ON Tooth Implants and would like to find out whether a tooth implants is an option for you, turn to Tooth Implant Dentist.

Tooth Implant Dentist offers you the best opportunity to have your missing teeth replaced because he offers Noble Biocare Implants. This relatively new technology opens up the possibility for patients who may not have been able to get other types of dental implants to get back their smiles, their dental health, and their confidence. This is because these dental implants can be used even when there is soft bone or other conditions that are not compatible with more traditional options.

Of course, the primary reason that people opt to get a ajax On tooth implants is cosmetic. People with missing teeth often suffer from missing confidence as well. It’s quite common for such people to avoid open mouthed smiles, especially in photos, where awkward grins can be the order of the day when the photographs can’t be avoided altogether. In extreme cases, people even begin to avoid social situations altogether. An implant can restore both your smile and your confidence.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits of a ajax On tooth implants, it can also contribute greatly to your dental health. It’s quite common for additional problems to arise after a tooth is lost. For example, people often compensate when they are chewing, which puts an extra strain on other teeth. Also, the stability that each tooth has with the others is compromised, meaning that abutting teeth can begin to move out of their proper alignment.

If you live in Ajax ON and would like to set up an appointment in either Thornhill or Toronto, call or e-mail us today. Tooth Implant Dentist would be happy to speak with you about tooth implant options and provide you with the best treatment option for your situation.

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