King, ON

Tooth Implant Dentist provides those living in and near King, ON with the dental care they need. Among the options he offers are tooth implants, All-on-4, and veneers.

Veneers are the least invasive of the bunch, as they are primarily cosmetic. They serve to improve your smile by being placed in front of the natural teeth, creating the beautiful smile that you deserve. If you and Tooth Implant Dentist determine that this is the right option for you, your natural teeth will remain in place and continue to serve their regular chewing functions.

If you have lost a tooth, or you have one that is so severely damaged that it needs to be removed, then a tooth implant is likely the right course of action. Tooth Implant Dentist offers a unique type of dental implant known as a Noble Biocare Implant. What is special about this is that it is specially designed to work for patients who may not be able to receive other types of implants, such as those who have soft bone.

If your smile has been severely damaged, then theAll-on-4 treatment could be the best solution. This is typically employed for people who have few, if any, of their original teeth remaining. This course of treatment starts with the removal of any remaining teeth and involves a new set of implants being placed upon four screws. If you need these, you should expect the treatment to take several months and include multiple follow-up visits to ensure that the implants are setting properly. Once the treatment is completed, though, you will be amazed at how closely they resemble real teeth not only in form but also in function.

If you would like to get the smile that you know you deserve with the help of veneers, a tooth implant, or All-on-4 treatment, call us today for your appointment near King, ON.

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