Kitchener, ON

Those in Kitchener, ON who have damaged or missing teeth can get the treatment they need from Tooth Implant Dentist. That may include veneers, a tooth implant, or All-on-4, each of which provide improved smiles in their own ways.

Veneers provide a great option for those whose teeth have been damaged but not damaged severely. Chips, cracks, and similar problems that are not severe enough to necessitate a tooth implant can be solved with this treatment. The veneers get placed in front of the patient’s teeth, making them appear to be the real smile that the patient has. Meanwhile, all of the patient’s teeth remain in place work just as they had before the veneers were applied.

Patients missing a tooth, especially in the front of the mouth, will likely need a tooth implant. Fortunately, the number of patients who are able to get tooth implants has been vastly expanded thanks to a company called Noble Biocare. Noble Biocare has made it possible for many of those who couldn’t get dental implants in the past due to any among a variety of conditions, such as soft bone, to get their smiles back. Most patients are surprised by how seamlessly the implant fits into their smile, including in its color, and how much better they look with it.

The most radical of the treatments that Tooth Implant Dentist offers is All-on-4. Patients who need this option are typically those who have been in serious accidents, suffered from severe illnesses, or simply neglected their teeth for several years. All remaining teeth are removed, and full sets of dental implants are set on four screws on both the top and bottom of the mouth. Although this treatment typically takes several months, patients who undergo it experience renewed self-confidence and are able to eat foods that they couldn’t eat prior to the treatment.

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