North York, ON

Tooth Implant Dentist is providing help to those in North York, ON who have lost teeth. You can get a tooth implant even if you have been unable to get one before. That’s because of the Noble Biocare Implants that he uses, which are designed to work even in cases of patients who have soft bone and other conditions that render them unsuitable for other types of implants.

Just imagine smiling broadly once again, confident that your smile will make a fantastic impression on all those who see it. Your tooth implant will be colored and sized to fit with the rest of your teeth seamlessly. In fact, those who didn’t know that you had lost a tooth will never notice that you have an implant at all.

While a tooth implant or implants are a great solution for those who have lost a tooth or two, other patients need more radical solutions. All-on-4 dental implants are designed to provide a functional set of teeth that function without any of the patient’s natural teeth. As such, if there are remaining teeth, the treatment begins with their removal, which is followed by the introduction of new teeth in two stages, each of which includes some of the new teeth. By the end of the treatment, patients are amazed by what a difference it makes to the way that they look and feel.

Tooth Implant Dentist also has veneers for patients who have slightly damaged but otherwise healthy teeth. Chipped and cracked teeth are the types of conditions for which this is the best option. Tooth Implant Dentist sets them in front of your teeth while not doing anything to prevent your teeth from serving their non-cosmetic functions.

Call Tooth Implant Dentist to find out about getting a tooth implant or one of these other treatments today. You can get a free consultation at his office near North York, ON. At that time, you can get all of the information you need to make a fully informed decision about your dental health.

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