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If you need a tooth implant and live in Toronto East Toronto, ON, trust your smile to Tooth Implant Dentist. Tooth Implant Dentist provides this and other types of treatment, such as All-on-4 and veneers, to patients who have missing and/or damaged teeth.

A tooth implant can make a dramatic difference not only to how you look but also to how you feel about yourself. While it is entirely unfair, and most people would acknowledge as much, people often make subconscious judgments about those who have a missing tooth. They may come to the conclusion that the person missing the tooth takes poor care of himself, or even that he engages in untoward behavior, that resulted in the loss of the tooth. In many cases, teeth are simply lost in accidents or while a person is playing sports.

In serious cases, a missing tooth can be the difference between being able to attract member of the opposite sex and having them never call you. Professionally, having a less than stellar appearance could cost you jobs, raises, and promotions. Both can happen even though many would not admit it.

Perhaps most importantly, people with a missing tooth may lose confidence in themselves. Even if other people don’t look at them differently, they may view themselves differently. It’s very common for people with a tooth missing to do their best to avoid having their pictures taken. Some go so far as to avoid smiling, or even social engagements, altogether. A tooth implant that fits seamlessly in with the rest of their teeth can turn all of that around.

Whether a tooth implant is right for you, or you need another type of dental care, such as All-on-4 dental implants or veneers, you can have a free consultation with Tooth Implant Dentist. Simply call us today and set it up near Toronto East Toronto, ON.

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