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Regardless of other conditions that you have or the cause of your missing tooth, Tooth Implant Dentist can provide you with a tooth implant that once again has your smile looking attractive.

Smiles that display gaps where tooth once were can be unsightly, and those who always take care of their teeth only to lose one can be especially affected when a tooth is lost. An accident at work or home, a sports injury, or any similar event can cause a healthy tooth to be lost in an instant. This can be devastating not only personally but also professionally.

Of course, for other people losing a tooth serves as a wakeup call. Some people engage in dangerous behavior or simply fail to take proper care of their teeth and end up losing a tooth. This can be a positive thing if it inspires such people to take better care of themselves before more damage is done.

Whether you have lost a tooth due to poor dental hygiene or a single incident, Tooth Implant Dentist is ready to help by focusing on the solution: a tooth implant. He works with Noble Biocare Implants, a product that enables him to provide implants to just about anyone. In fact, it’s quite common that patients turn to him after having been told by several dentists that soft bone or another condition rendered an implant impossible. He takes special pride in his ability to help those who thought that they were beyond the point of being able to receive this type of help.

Of course, Tooth Implant Dentist can also offer care to patients with other problems. Those missing several teeth may want to ask about All-on-4 dental implants, which replace all natural teeth. Those with only minor damage, including cracked or chipped teeth, can typically choose veneers instead of having a tooth removed.

If you would like to learn more about a tooth implant or the other types of care that Tooth Implant Dentist offers, call today to schedule an appointment. He has an office conveniently located near Uxbridge, ON.

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