Vaughan, ON

Individuals living in Vaughan, ON who have damaged or lost teeth can get beautiful new smiles from Tooth Implant Dentist, who can provide a tooth implant or All-on-4 dental implants, as well as veneers.

Tooth Implant Dentist’s patients run the gamut from those who have relatively minor dental problems, such as chipped teeth, to those who don’t have any of their natural teeth remaining. In all cases, he makes it a point to focus on solutions rather than problems, which is a major comfort to those who may be embarrassed either simply by virtue of having a dental problem or due to the circumstances surrounding that problem. Even after the free consultation, many patients feel better knowing that an experienced and skilled professional is ready to offer solutions to their problems.

In patients who have the most severe damage to their teeth, All-on-4 dental implants can provide an entirely new look. Typically, teeth in patients who need them cannot be restored to any reasonable condition, so Tooth Implant Dentist starts the treatment with the removal of any remaining teeth. He then inserts screws on which the implants will rest, followed by the implants themselves in two sets. Several months are needed to complete the treatment, but patients regularly rave about how it was more than worth it.

Those missing only one or two teeth are typically better candidates for a tooth implant. The Noble Biocare Implants that are used by Tooth Implant Dentist have made this option available to a vast range of patients, including several who could not get other types of implants. Be sure to make an appointment with Tooth Implant Dentist even if you have been declined care by other dentists.

Finally, veneers are the best option for people whose teeth are generally healthy but have minor problems, such as chips. The veneers cover the patient’s teeth and are affixed to them to remain in place. They look both great and natural.

Whatever problem you may have with your teeth, call today to set up a free consultation with Tooth Implant Dentist. He can determine whether All-on-4 dental implants, a tooth implant, or veneers are best for you.

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